General Conditions



The TENANT understands that the properties making the object of the present contract are not rented to him/her other than as a temporary residence. The rental cannot be extended without the prior agreement of the proprietor or the agency, the tenant accepting this. This latter, the tenant, declares on his/her honour that he/she will not exercise nor seek to exercise any profession in the rented property.



The present contract is fixed and definitive. The tenant, having put down a deposit on account for the rental, engages to take possession of the premises put at disposition fixed by the contract and to pay the balance of the rental one month before the start of the rental.



The security deposit is paid to cover damages which can be caused to the premises rented and to furniture or other objects equipping the rented premises as well as various charges and outlay except electricity.

This deposit will be destroyed after a satisfactory inventory; if the inventory is not satisfactory, deduction will be made after a delay of 15 days maximum for objects replaced, expenses in repair, extra cleaning and high outlay. If the security deposit proves insufficient, the tenant agrees to make the sum up.

If the property has a telephone, the deposit will not be returned until the telephone charges have been paid.



- The tenant agrees to return the rented premises in the state in which he/she found them at the time of his/her entry such as is described.

- A state of the premises, will be provided on arrival. The tenant agrees to fill it up, marking all anomalies, and return them dated and signed within 48 hours. Any claim will not be taken account of in case of any delay.

- The furniture and furnishings (wall paper, curtains …) must not suffer more than depreciation from the normal use for which they are intended. If at the end of the present contract they are missing or have been put out of service, for a cause other than normal usage, they must be paid for or replaced by the tenant with the consent of the proprietor or his agent. The following will be retained if need arises from the guarantee deposited:

     - The value of objects broken or cracked.

     - The cost of washing or cleaning carpets, covers, mattresses, bedding, which have been soiled.

- The tenant is obliged to use the furniture and objects equipping the premises rented for the use for which they are intended and in the places in which they are found. It is formally forbidden to take them out of the rented premises.

- The tenant must absolutely refrain from throwing down the toilet objects which will block it; failure to do so will lead to liability for the costs needed to return the sanitary equipment to service.

- Subject to cancelation, the tenant cannot, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, sub-let or grant his rights to the present contract without the express consent of the proprietor or his agent; he/she must live respectably in the rented premises, respecting above all the regulations relative to the tranquillity of the building.

- The premises presently rented must not under any circumstances be occupied by a number of persons larger than that indicated on the rental contract. If the number of persons exceeds that expected, the agent can refuse the extra persons. All breaking of contract which may result will then be attributed to the initiative of the tenant.

- The tenant must allow on the premises urgent work to be carried out when necessary to maintain in a good state the rented property and the elements of shared equipment. 

- The tenant may not introduce into the premises currently rented ANY ANIMAL; if this clause is not respected by the tenant, the agent can refuse entry into the premises. All breaking of contract which may result will then be attributed to the initiative of the tenant.

- It is expressly forbidden to hang laundry from the windows and balconies.

- ATTENTION:The top bunk bed is not suitable for children under 6 years. For those apartments equipped with a jacuzzi it is imperative to read the notice of instructions provided for you in the apartment.

- Smoke free area : For health and safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in our accommodations. In case the place is left with smoke smell and/or burn stains on furniture or flooring, the agency will charge 1.000€ penalty in regards of the damage caused. 



The lessor is obliged to put at the tenant’s disposal the rented property conforming to the condition described and to respect the obligations resulting from the present contract.



The tenant is responsible for all damages arising from his actions. He declares he is covered by his Insurance Company by means of a holiday/vacation policy against the risks of theft, fire, broken windows and water damage, and more generally both for his total risks as a tenant and for the property given in rent, just as for claims from neighbours. As a result, the proprietor or his agent decline all responsibility for the claims that their insurance company might exercise against the tenant in case of accident.



Cancellations must be made by sending an email to CHALET TIME 

- In view of the current health crisis, and in order to enable you to organize your next stay with complete peace of mind, chalet Les Neiges Éternelles will exceptionally deviate from its general booking conditions for winter 2020-2021. 

 Our Agency undertakes to reimburse all of the sums paid in the cases exhaustively listed below: 

- Production of a medical certificate stipulating that one of the participants in the stay named during the reservation has been infected. by COVID 19 within 14 days of arrival 

- Production of proof from the airline stating that travel booked to come to the destination ski resort is not possible due to Covid19 

- Travel restriction in progress in the region of the residence address given at the time of booking (travel ban, return quarantine greater than 48h00). The level of restrictions must appear on the and websites at the time of the cancellation request. 

- Access restriction to the destination ski resort. The level of restrictions must appear on the and websites at the time of the cancellation request 

- Permanent administrative closure of ski lifts.

- For any other reason, cancelation  fees work as explained below :

Cancelation date 1 week, 1 apartment Consecutive weeks or more than 1 apartment
More than 180 days before arrival Total refund Total refund
Less than 180 days and more than 60 days before arrival Cancelation fees: 150€ Cancelation fees* : 25% of total price
Less than 60 days and more than 30 days before arrival Cancelation fees* : 25% of total price Cancelation fees* : 25% of total price
Less than 30 days before arrival Cancelation fees* : 100% of total price Cancelation fees* : 100% of total price
Leaving before the end of the stay No refund No refund

- * In case of a cancelation, and if the apartment can be rented again, cancelation fees would be the difference between the original price and the eventual discounted price.

- For any other cause of cancellation that has no direct or indirect link with Covid 19, we offer you, at a very modest cost, extra insurance that we strongly urge you to take out at the time of booking.



In conformance with article L 125-5 of the code of the environment, the lessor declares that the present properties are situated in a zone covered by a plan of prevention of technological risks, prescribed or ratified, or by a plan of prevention of foreseeable natural risks, prescribed or ratified, or on a zone of seismicity defined by decree in the Council of State.

A statement of risks has been drawn up on the 27/04/2006 on the basis of information made available to the prefecture. The tenant may ask to be given a copy or may consult it at the agency.

The lessor has declared that to his knowledge of the present properties have not suffered any accident causing reversal of an indemnity of insurance guaranteeing against risks of natural catastrophes, seen at article L 125–2, or technological, seen at article L 128-2 of the code of insurance



In conformance with the law of 06 January 1978, the tenant has a right of access and correction to wording from the agency of information intended for the use of this contract.