The Roselend Dam (in Beaufortain)


We have always deeply appreciated the beauty of nature and the exceptional landscape in which we receive our guests each year.

From our chalet, ideally situated in the heart of this truly rejuvenating setting, we are working to preserve this unique environment, an incredible playground for discovery and adventure.

Sensitive to the problem of global warming, we sought to add meaning and a quality of experience for your stay by making a sustainability commitment for Chalet Les Neiges Éternelles.


Whilst always responding to the needs of our guests, sustainable tourism takes into account its current and future economic, social, and environmental impact. To travel this way is to travel responsibly, reducing your carbon footprint, respecting the environment, and preserving of the quality of life in local communities.

The resort of Val Thorens holds a ‘flocon vert’ label, which recognises the mountain tourist destinations that are committing to a sustainable development policy. To choose this destination is to choose a holiday in a region which implements concrete actions in favour of responsible development and tourism.


In the context of energy conservation, it is essential to us to help reduce and optimise the electricity consumption of the chalet. In collaboration with Électricité de France (EDF), we have put in place an innovative and efficient solution which uses artificial intelligence to manage the heating and hot water facilities.

The rooms are all correctly insulated, and according to their orientation, sensors located throughout the building allow us to monitor the daily temperature readings in order to adjust the heating power according to the weather and the usage of the rooms. Don’t be surprised if a convector stops when there is a window open or if the night-time temperature drops when you're snug under the duvet


This energy conservation is not a synonym for discomfort… our teams are able to manually control the system and can adjust the temperature in the chalet as you wish, so that you feel comfortable whilst also monitoring those precious kilowatts. Committed to tourism that respects the environment, Les Neiges Éternelles is responding to the new aspirations of travellers to create a sustainable and unforgettable experience.





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